Squam Art Workshops 2012 | Spirit Session Class

Squam Art Workshops (Squam) Celebrates it’s 5th year Anniversary this coming year. To celebrate a new website was launched and it is remarkably beautiful. There will be 4 – that’s right-4 retreats in 2012! Amazing. There are so many interesting classes with the highest caliber of instructors. I am honored and beyond excited (clapping and shimmying) to say that I will be teaching a class called Spirit Session at both Spring and Fall retreats!

It is a dream come true to be teaching along side such talented artists at Squam.

For each of the past 4 years, I have come home feeling inspired and further along my creative journey. The location, the teachers, the classes, all the courageous attendees who create the possibility for themselves to attend, and most of all the visionary behind it all-Elizabeth-make any session a life changing retreat. Sharing what is closest to my heart- my photographic process is sure to be the icing on the cake.

I have poured my heart into creating a class where you can safely explore seeing and the act of being seen. I have been dreaming of working with a group of creative souls to share this process with, and I couldn’t think of a more magical place to do this than at Squam.

I would love for you to join me on an adventure of connecting to your inner light and radiance. To journey with me on the unfolding that occurs in front of the camera when we are truly seen and celebrated.

Head on over to the gorgeous new website to see all the yumminess there is being offered.

Registration begins January 9th!

I hope I have the chance to see you step in to your light and capture it with my camera.



I will be teaching one day and offering a limited number of individual Spirit Sessions, at a special rate for Squam attendees, on the other days.

More details will be sent in my newsletter.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I would love to talk with you ♥



  • Bella - Thea! Your class sounds so, so good.
    I’m so happy that your teaching next year. xoReplyCancel

  • Meghan @ Life Refocused - I’m interested in taking your class at Squam. Congrats on teaching there!!!

    I was wondering if you could share a little more about what the class will be like…will the day have some specific instruction and/or critique/feedback? I’ve been working on my photography for a couple of years, so am not a total newbie but I’m not a beginner either. Is the class more geared to very new photographers? I know I have lots to learn and am really looking for a space to help me grow.


  • Thea - Meghan,
    Thanks for asking this question! It is a great one.

    At the beginning of the class, I will give instruction on Aperture, Shutter and ISO and explain how each setting affects an image.

    After this each person will be guided to pick one or two things to work on experimenting with during class. This could be trying out aperture mode, playing in manual mode, using a reflector, experimenting with creating high key or low key images. This will allow each person, no matter what level of experience, to be able to challenge themselves with me right there to help them through! I will be happy to help anyone who feels unsure of what to focus on.

    Then we will go outside to practice! Using some photo prompts we will adventure outdoors to play with light. I will share the settings I choose for each image we work on and then you will have some time to have fun and experiment yourself.

    I will be there checking in to help in any way I can with camera settings, composition and to provide feedback.

    At the end of class we will spend the remaining time, sharing our work with each other and reflecting on what we have learned.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
    Hope to see you in class!

  • Jen gray - I am so glad this class is being offered at Squam, so many people have camera but are unsure of settings, etc. YOU are an amazing teacher and are perfect for this!

    Plus, the sprit sessions ~ Thea, you have a way of making everyone you work with feel at ease and feel beautiful. You know how to connect, and the end result is a great experience and gorgeous photos!!!!!