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My husband and I are huge fans of the Times Union Newspaper. A little over a week ago I was clicking around their website and discovered all these amazing blogs that they have. Being the mother of a preschooler – I clicked over to “The Preschool Blog” written by Kristie Mltesko.

I love the topics she covers on Small blessings and her writing style. I love great writers. Especially since I often feel so self conscious about my own writing.

After just a few posts I came to a more recent post where she mentioned bringing home her third baby (I tend to always start further along and then come back to the beginning-even with books sometimes:0) and I was cracking up at her humor and immediately thought she was uber funny and cool and that it would be great to meet her.

Then it clicked. She had a newborn and preschool age children. I have been looking for a family with a newborn to take portraits of  for some marketing materials. I decided I would leave her a comment and see if she would be interested in some family portraits/photographs – more specifically some newborn artsy photographer shots.  I left a comment on her blog with fingers crossed she would let me photograph her and her family.

We emailed and worked out the details and as most “meant to be” things seem to go, we both had Monday available for a session. Viola!

Monday morning, I pull into her driveway and out strolls this gorgeous, tall, ringlet curled redhead with a great smile. And immediately I thought- “she had a baby 3 weeks ago? she looks so put together, so relaxed and calm, especially about me infiltrating her home on a Monday morning lugging in my portable photography studio.”

I walk into her sunroom and my eyes start dancing around and I feel like I want to start singing a sound of music song or something. It was sunny-bright, with this amazing papazan chair with a delightfully cheerful pattern, chairs with either matching or perfectly complimentary pattern pillows, a great couch and fabulous light wood floors.

Photographer heaven let me tell you.

Then out strolls one of the cutest 2 year old little girls. Emilia. And then it just continued to get better. The whole family was so relaxed, I was left alone in the delish sunroom to set up. Emilia kept me company- on the outskirts, watching what I was doing. I must admit those hazel eyes and her cute expressions were super hard to resist snapping a zillion shots of, but I stayed focused best I could and got everything set up.LOL

When I was ready Kristie came in with Mollie and it felt pretty zen I must say. Kristie helped me get my blankets set up and then left Mollie and I together to bond. Normally I encourage parents to feed their baby before I arrive so they are super sleepy. Kristie did just that but Mollie decided she wanted to hang out a bit before taking her nap.

It was a really nice opportunity for me to get some great awake shots of her. She was so chill….there is something so wise about this little 3 week old baby girl. I think I captured some of it in the photos.

After a bit Mollie dozed off and I just kept shooting.

I didn’t really have a chance to connect with Gabriel until later on in the session. I ask families to keep the older children occupied while I get the artsy Anne Geddes inspired sleeping photographs. Gabriel and his dad spent a lot of time playing games together in the living room, while I took pictures of Mollie. The bond they share is heartwarming. When I did get to meet Gabriel, I had this instant appreciation for him and his 4 yr old self. He reminded me of my 4 yr old son, and I had such a good time talking with him. When lunchtime rolled around and I realized I had been there a while and should move on to family shots, the whole family was right there and ready. Smooth operators I must say.


It was so fun to shoot the Mletzko family.  I could have spent the whole day with them!

Thanks Kristie and Damon for giving me the opportunity to spend the morning with you getting pictures of the beauty of you.

Kristie is running a drawing over on her blog Small blessings for a Spring Fling Mini session with me.  Stop by and enter to win!

  • Georgia - What gorgeous shots Thea :) And I love how they came to be :)ReplyCancel

  • beth - what an amazing shoot….the whole family is great…but secretly, I love babies the best !!!ReplyCancel

  • Lynne - Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! You have done such an amazing job capturing their beauty and personality that I have to resist the temptation to play the “show” all day! I have dragged everyone in my school in to my room to view the photos! I am so glad you and Kristie found each other!
    Lynne (Kristie’s mother)ReplyCancel

  • Kristie - Thea, you’ve been good for my ego since the minute I met you! Thank you for all the kind words! We LOVED meeting you too – some people are just easy to get along with and you’re one of them – I totally agree it was meant to be . . . these pictures are just fabulous!ReplyCancel

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    I am looking for someone to do a picture of my newborn….she is 14 days old!!! as well as a picture of my husband and me with the baby. Please give me a call, i am interested in learning about how your sessions work and pricing. thanks
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