12 of 12 | October

I am not often able to carve out time to blog surf these days, but I do love checking in on a few when I get a chance. I found the blog “My words” by Gretchen via my friend Elizabeth. I just love Gretchen’s blog and photography. I was most inspired by her series “12 of 12”. You can read about it here. Her project inspired me to create a 9 square template to use for both personal and client photographs. The simplicity of the squares and having the boundary of being limited to 9 pictures to tell a  story has been so freeing. I tend to have a hard time editing down my words, my life, my pictures… boundaries are good.

So I have been meaning to participate in the 12 of 12, but kept missing it. In September I got to meet Gretchen in person and we have even since talked on the phone. This personal connection combined with guilt that I haven’t been taking many personal photos lately because I am so busy, set a fire under my bum and got me to participate this month in 12 of 12. I am approaching this lightly. I am just taking snapshots and not judging myself on quality. I just want to take a day to treasure the little things in my every day life. If you feel like joining in…please do. I would love to see your 12 of 12!

01. I wake up at 6:05 each morning, and somehow it now feels earlier than usual because it is now dark outside:(

02. Each morning I take 30 minutes of quiet meditation. Our Siamese Q loves taking quiet time with me in the morning.

03. Trey and I having our morning snuggles and enjoying our two new kittens.

04. Trey lost a tooth at school Tuesday so here he is checking out what the tooth fair left him.

05. Eating breakfast and reading.

06. We bring the kittens with us to the bus stop. This is Linus, our little boy kitten.

07. On the phone. Trying to get work done yesterday was pretty tricky with the kittens around. They kept waling on my keyboard, so I had to prop it up vertically.

08. They had a vote at school along with parent lunch day. The kids made a “Who am I” list of clues for their parents to guess the animal they were. Trey was a cougar.

09. Trey has been complaining his belly hurts after meals a lot lately. I am starting to wonder if he is lactose intolerant, because it is commonly after he drinks milk or eats yogurt. It has been going on for a couple weeks. He wouldn’t finish his lunch or eat his cookie, which means his belly hurt pretty bad.

10. I asked Trey if he wanted to come home because he seemed in pain. He said no he wanted to stay at school, but then half way to the classroom he whispered he would like to go home. It was the first time he has come home sick from school.

11. After about 2 hrs his appetite came back and he ate pb and honey on a bagel and some plain popcorn while watching the Scooby Doo movie from HBO on demand. He was pretty upset that he couldn’t play outside with the neighborhood kids when they got home from school, but I felt like it would be a bad precedent if I allowed him to come home sick and then play outside.

12. Late for Drama Kids. Since he seemed fine and we paid to try 4 classes, I figured it would be ok to bring him to the class.

13. Trying out Drama Kids with one of his classmates. We weren’t sure which we would end up with Drama Kids or Music. Music won out, but he has enjoyed Drama Kids.

  • Thea's husband - Love this post. Really gives me a tangible sense of what your day was like while I was off at work. Linus is really going to make a dent in your overall productivity, I am sure.ReplyCancel

  • kylee - 6:05 every morning? that sounds awful. then again, i’m not a morning person. your pictures are all so lovely by the way. the lighting is wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • amy gretchen - Yay, I’m so glad you are taking on this challenge. I absolutely love looking back and treasuring all the everyday moments that have come from my 12of12. I know you will too. Never worry about the quality just enjoy the process of seeing your life. Glad to have you on board. <3

    I get up early each morning too and it's so hard once it gets dark. I hope you figure out what's going on with Trey–tummy aches are no fun. He sure is an adorable kids.ReplyCancel

  • jamie - beautiful images…ReplyCancel