52 Photos Project | Where I lay my head

52 Photos Project

I love:

that my bedroom windows face the Southeast

white flannel sheets

naps (though I rarely take them)

What do you love about where you lay your head?



Brittany - so clean, light, and airy.

our bedroom is merlot with white curtains and bedding, so it’s romantic and dark and quiet.

jen gray - i love that room darkening blinds can make our room pitch black when i need it,
but when i want the light i can raise the blinds the morning sun comes blasting in. i love that i can look at those windows and see nothing but fields. i love that our small bed is crammed because two kitties sleep with us…. xo

Bella - I love your space. It’s white & calm & peaceful.
My room is very zen. All black, modern furniture (ikea)
and icicle blue walls. King, double pillow mattress.
I just sink into it and dream the night away. xo

Nikole - this is gorgeous. that light is amazing. i love that you captured the coziness of your bed in its unmade glory.

i love how soft and cozy our bed is and the color of the blue paint in the afternoon light. i’m currently working on a bedroom makover too. :)

maya - such beautiful light! I love airy bedrooms and rumpled beds!

Thea - I am not great about making my bed. My husband usually is the one to make it. Your bedroom sounds lovely.

Thea - a rumpled bed with white sheets is so pretty to me.

Thea - Ooh the king bed and blue walls- sounds like a heavenly bedroom you have Bella.

Thea - We have blinds too, that make it darkish….but I think I need an eye mask for the nights when Terry is reading and I am trying to go to sleep. I like the kitties cramming us too.

Thea - That sounds very romantic Brittany.